Piracy - My Two Cents

Online piracy is a huge thing. Is it as big as many people make out, is it as bad? I'm not going to go into too much detail for this article, as there are many better reads online about the subject. However, I will say a few things about my personal connection »

iOS10 Public Beta

I've not written anything for a long time now. This is mainly down to the fact I haven't had much spare time to sit down and concentrate. However, I'd really like to change this and at least try to get into a habit of typing articles up. I have been running the »

Apple Watch Launch

If you spend a mere five minutes looking for information about the soon to be released Apple Watch, you will find there are buckets of information on the web for it. Most of what you will find is pure guesswork and rumors as Apple like to keep things tightly under wraps until »

iOS 8 and Health Data

Apple's latest iOS software has a built in HealthKit app which is great for displaying all health data from different health apps and also the built in motion sensor (iPhone 5S and newer). However, is your data backed up? It is not backed up to iCloud. If you backup to a computer »

Ghost 0.5

It's amazing how far projects come in a short space of time, especially when you follow them out of interest. Ghost is a project I have followed since the end of last year when I first heard about it, and subsequently 'backed' it on Kickstarter. In under a year the open source »

A New Music Store

When you actually think about it, there aren't many digital download stores out there. There are a lot of small independant stores out there selling a small percentage of music, but not many where you can get everything. The two main ones that come to mind are iTunes and Amazon. So there »