Pure Pool on PS4

Pure Pool for PS4 is possibly one of the best PSN games out there at the moment. I have been totally hooked since I made the purchase. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s great to play. Having mainly been playing through the career (both 8 and 9-ball) »

Spotify and Sony

Yet another gaming post! This time, it's good great news. Spotify have (finally) launched on Sony's PS3 and PS4 consoles. Speaking after only seeing it on the PS4, it is beautiful. A lot of work has gone into this partnership, and it shows. If you are already a Spotify user, then you »

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

As part of Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service, free games come up every month. For March we had the likes of OlliOlli 2, CounterSpy, Oddworld and the hidden gem that was Valiant Hearts. To be quite honest with you, all four games this month have been played a lot by me, and »

TuneIn on PS4

When Sony first announced the PS4, I was really excited. Having been a PS3 owner for a long time, I knew that I would be impressed by the PS4. One thing that I personally love about Sony and the PlayStation brand is the PlayStation Plus service where subscribers receive free games each »

Apple Watch Launch

If you spend a mere five minutes looking for information about the soon to be released Apple Watch, you will find there are buckets of information on the web for it. Most of what you will find is pure guesswork and rumors as Apple like to keep things tightly under wraps until »

iOS 8 and Health Data

Apple's latest iOS software has a built in HealthKit app which is great for displaying all health data from different health apps and also the built in motion sensor (iPhone 5S and newer). However, is your data backed up? It is not backed up to iCloud. If you backup to a computer »