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Monzo - It's time for a new kind of bank

I’ve been a great fan of Monzo for just over a year now, it’s been a great addition to my wallet and daily use card. If you don’t know, Monzo is a brand new bank built from the ground up, and it’s hitting the ball right out of the park at the minute.

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A lot has been happening lately, mainly gearing up behind the scenes to launch full current accounts which will be amazing. Currently it’s a pre-paid debit card which you load up with funds from a debit card or bank transfer.

Yesterday, July 17th 2017, Monzo announced that the next testing phase is ready. Opening up current accounts to small numbers of users. Also bear in mind that currently only staff have access to these current accounts for testing purposes. As of publishing this article, 92 Monzo bank accounts are out in the wild. You can find an up-to-date figure here.

If you are a Monzo user the chances are you will already know this but you can sign up to be in with a chance of getting an early access account by registering your interest. You will have to meet certain criteria however, so make sure you check that you qualify.

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I for one cannot wait for the current account. The pre-paid model is great, the app is beautiful and the whole product is so natural to use. What's coming after the current accounts, well who knows but I do know it will be sublime.