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Mafia III

Mafia III has been a great game. Released in October last year, it was a big game for me. I played Mafia II on PS3 years back and really enjoyed it, so was always looking forward to getting my teeth into III.

I completed the game relatively fast, mainly because I was hooked from the start. Great story, and not online so I could just pile my way through. I found some parts tricky, but not overly challenging. It's one of those games you can play through at your own pace.

Mafia 3 Shootout Gameplay

Judging from the timestamps on the trophies, I completed the main game in around two months. So then I put it to one side, until the Season Pass DLC was released. This is where we now run into problems.

There are updates to the game, which have added new things in that I skipped through and now have no idea about. Things like slow motion driving, proximity mines and throwing explosives from cars.

Mafia 3 Faster, Baby!

Faster, Baby! is the first DLC for the game, adding a new district to the map and some more objectives. But there seems to be a few problems now. In Faster, Baby! you start to earn money from growing and selling weed. As with growing, it takes time. So I am now mainly sat waiting for the product to grow before I can do anything.

It would also appear that there are no tappable boxes in the new district, not sure if that's intentional or if it was missed? I think I have tapped into all of the boxes on the map but there are still nodes to pick up, this seems a bit strange to me also. Maybe this will be fixed, or maybe it is the way the game/DLC has been designed, I'm not sure.

Included with the Season Pass are two more DLC, I will probably wait for them to both be released until I play the game again so I can play both story lines at the same time and hopefully avoid this situation. Although it looks like the next installment is due next month with the third due in July.

Mafia 3 - The story continues

Faster, Baby! has kind of put a bit of a downer on the game, for me, but this is mainly due to the fact I completed the game so long ago and I'm now back playing additional content. For anyone picking up the game now with the Season Pass, you will probably be fine with it, and won't be sitting around waiting for some flowers to grow.