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Piracy - My Two Cents

Online piracy is a huge thing. Is it as big as many people make out, is it as bad? I'm not going to go into too much detail for this article, as there are many better reads online about the subject. However, I will say a few things about my personal connection with it.

Hypocrites are stupid

This may seem like a big statement, but I have found it to always be true. This goes back a while. When I used to go out clubbing to hard dance nights there were always small, local DJs playing. Some made their own tunes, others didn't. However there was this one conversation I had that really did make me chuckle inside.

Always pay for music, if you download it illegally you will cripple the industry.

This quote, for an un-named small DJ/Producer always sticks in my mind. Why? Because it is hugely hypocritical. I later asked him if he sold his own tunes to which he replied yes. I asked how he made them, and he told me on his computer. I asked what software he used, he told me. I then asked the million dollar question. How did you get that software?

I downloaded it from a torrent site.

Now I'm sure you'll see why I call this individual a hypocrite. You cannot start off by preaching that downloading music illegally will cripple the scene if you are going to then make music which you go on to sell using illegally downloaded software. Downloading that software illegally is going to cripple that business, is it not?!

I will not illegally download this movie

For me, piracy is a bit of a hit and miss situation. I have downloaded pirated apps in the past, loved the apps so much that I have then gone on to purchase them. In-fact, I have done this twice in the last few months. I even told the developers I was doing so via email and got a reply both times with thanks for making the purchase.

Worldwide release

I am a big fan of Kim Dotcom and agree that with most media, a synchronised worldwide release should be set for both music and film. This one simple measure would, in my eyes, reduce online piracy hugely.

You may not be aware of who Kim is, but when I then tell you he was the owner of MegaUpload then you will understand he is a huge figure in the Internet industry. Kim has been working on a few projects since his home was raided in 2012 (see video below).

I will publish a more detailed post on this in due course, but feel free to have a little look online and see what you can find... it's going to be a game changer for sure!