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iOS10 Public Beta

I've not written anything for a long time now. This is mainly down to the fact I haven't had much spare time to sit down and concentrate. However, I'd really like to change this and at least try to get into a habit of typing articles up.

HomeKit has finally launched with iOS10

I have been running the beta of iOS 10 since it was released to the public and I must say I love the new features. The OS finally feels finished. If you remember, Apple totally redesigned iOS back in 2014 with the released of iOS7, with flatter layers and bolder colours. It didn't feel finished. Even when iOS8 came it still didn't have that polished feel, and the same could be said about iOS9.

However, with iOS10, Apple seem to have nailed it. There are a few things that I'm not overjoyed about, like the new lock sound but I'm sure in time I will learn to love it. The new keyboard clicks are rather funky.

The one feature that I am really enjoying though is the brand new iMessages app. Messaging has become fun again. Handwritten messages are a lot of fun.

iOS10 is launching later this year, along with the new iPhone.