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Rocket League

Yet another game review type post coming up guys, this time on Rocket League. As you can probably guess, it is part of this months PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. One of four titles that are available this month for the PS4 console. This month was one of the few months where all four games I have really enjoyed. But Rocket League is just amazing! Great fun both online and offline too.

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What makes it so good?

Well, put simply, it’s the fact that the matches that you play are so short. 5 minutes per game is a pretty perfect length if you ask me. Long enough to enjoy, but not too long that you get bored. I seem to keep playing and playing and playing at the minute. As I type this, I am just over halfway through my first season on the game which is going really well.

Since first starting this article, I have managed to nearly complete a season and I must say I have enjoyed every second of it. I still haven’t really been online to play with others, but I can imagine that is even more fun than AI opposition and teammates.

The graphics are really great too, so sharp and extremely vibrant.

Currently, when in a match, the PS4 seems to be working really hard and the fans are working overtime. Luckily, the developers are already aware of this issue and are working on a fix which will hopefully come out in the next update of the game.

I am hoping to check out the online side of things over the coming weeks. With a bit of luck there will be some great players out there and not just folks blowing shit up all the time!