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Pure Pool on PS4

Pure Pool for PS4 is possibly one of the best PSN games out there at the moment. I have been totally hooked since I made the purchase. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s great to play.

Having mainly been playing through the career (both 8 and 9-ball) I have ventured online every once in a while and I find it a joy to play both online and offline.

Pure Pool

I started off by playing through the Amateur 9-ball career as I much prefer it to 8-ball, primarily for the speed of each game. I did find it a bit frustrating that the AI opponents don't go for the plant shots but maybe hopefully that will be rectified with an upcoming update to the game.

I soon completed the amateur 9-ball and moved on to the 8-ball which was now a lot harder as I had levelled up and so had the opponents (good news). I got stuck for a long time on the last game, but got there in the end and it felt very rewarding.

Now I am currently playing through the pro careers of each game type, hopefully then I will level up on both in tandem rather than focusing my skill on one type of game.

One feature that I love about the game are the different game types through the career. With challenges such as Killer, Speed Pot and Perfect Potter, it keeps it interesting. I'd hate to be playing a full career of just 9-ball or 8-ball.

If you are a keen pool player, or a casual gamer looking for quick fixes every now and again then I cannot recommend this game highly enough. The game is also available on Xbox One and the PC.

On a little side note, the same studio are soon[1] releasing a Hold 'Em[2] game which I am really looking forward to playing.

  1. Pure Hold’em arrives on PS4 tomorrow - PlayStation Blog ↩︎

  2. Pure Hold 'Em coming to PS4 - PlayStation Blog ↩︎