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Spotify and Sony

Yet another gaming post! This time, it's good great news. Spotify have (finally) launched on Sony's PS3 and PS4 consoles. Speaking after only seeing it on the PS4, it is beautiful. A lot of work has gone into this partnership, and it shows.

Spotify loves PlayStation

If you are already a Spotify user, then you will love the integration. If you aren't, then you can still enjoy Spotify by simply just signing up and having a free account. You are limited to what you can do, and you will hear the occasional adverts, but it's free so why not!

On the PS4, you can listen to Spotify as you play your favourite games which is great.[1] Brilliantly, most games will even adjust the in-game sound options for you, however you may receive inconsistent results from this.

One thing I am now a little worried about, however, is if TuneIn is still coming at some point. Whilst I do enjoy Spotify, I also love listening to a proper radio station. TuneIn integration would be great for everyone, choice is the spice of life.

  1. Unfortunately, not all games support this currently. ↩︎