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Apple Watch Launch

If you spend a mere five minutes looking for information about the soon to be released Apple Watch, you will find there are buckets of information on the web for it. Most of what you will find is pure guesswork and rumors as Apple like to keep things tightly under wraps until the official product launch.

Apple Watch

Said product launch is due to happen in later this month, in just over a weeks time on the 9th March. I for one am really excited about this. The event title is Spring forward which I think gives us a huge hint that the event is going to be highly focused on the Apple Watch.

A big talking point surrounding the product is the price tag it will hold. The only price we know for sure is that the starting Apple Watch Sport model has a from $349 value. Many bloggers believe that the Apple Watch Edition will start at $9,999, and the more I sit here ad think about it, the more I feel this could actually be correct.

Let's just hope that everything gets cleared up on the 9th, I can't remember the last time there was this much hype around a product launch for any company.