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Ghost 0.5

It's amazing how far projects come in a short space of time, especially when you follow them out of interest. Ghost is a project I have followed since the end of last year when I first heard about it, and subsequently 'backed' it on Kickstarter.

In under a year the open source project has gone from strength to strength and for me the 0.5 milestone is a huge acheivement for every single contributor on the team.

Ghost now supports multi-user, meaning that big blogging sites can take note of a simple, elegant and clean platform, something that many other blog solotions seem to be forgetting.

Of course, there is still a long way to go but the future for Ghost is very exciting. We are just at the beginning and I'm hoping to follow this project for many years to come.

Personally I have not contributed to the code of Ghost as yet, it is something I hope to do in the future. I have however reported a few bugs through the Release Candidate stages.