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Watch_Dogs is a game that I should have had my hands on when I first received my PlayStation 4 back in November. However, due to delays the game was released last month. Since then, I have been pretty much hooked to the title.

My first impressions of the game were not so great, leading me to telling a few people how boring hacking got, and very quickly. Although since then I seemed to have gotten hooked to the game, and it's unusual for me to go a day without picking up the controller and playing it.

It's the first game in a long time that has had me hooked. I am currently at 21% completion, I'm not rushing and have found a few tricky spots in the game but nothing that has made me stressed or angry just yet. I'm sure that is only a matter of time though.

When I encounter key parts through the game I plan to come back and update this article accordingly. I don't plan on giving away any secrets to the story line of the game though.