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PS4 Firmware Update 1.70

Earlier this week Sony released the first major firmware update for the PlayStation 4 console, adding many new features that a lot of gamers have been crying out for since it's launch late last year. Whilst the biggest addition is clearly ShareFactory, I wanted to give my view on something that not many gamers seem to have noticed: using the touchpad to type!

I have always found entering usernames, email addresses, passwords and the like a complete pain in the arse on games consoles. When I had an Xbox 360 I ended up buying the keyboard attachment for the controller which made things so much easier.

With the addition of a touch pad built into the Dualshock 4 controller, I thought that would be used to select letters for the on screen keyboard from the outset, but when I received my console last year this wasn't the case at all.

In fact, nothing had changed since it's predecessor, the PlayStation 3, regarding how you enter characters. This was something I found really confusing. There are so many devices out there now with touch screens that have a 'pop-up' keyboard.

Of course there is the PlayStation App which makes things a bit better. You can link your smartphone/tablet to your PS4 system, use the second screen and then enter text from your device. However, not everyone will want to do this.

Using the built in touchpad on the Dualshock 4 controller seemed the best way to control the on screen keyboard. You just move your finger and click the touch pad to select the character you're on. Alternatively, you can press the 'X' button to insert the selected character. All in all, it's a lot quicker and more convenient than using the directional pad.

If you haven't tried it yet, I strongly suggest you do the next time you need to enter text on your console!

Update (Jun 04, 2014)

After a few weeks I noticed that there was a slight issue with the 1.70 firmware update which was causing save game data uploads to fail as part of PS+. Today I was prompted to update to 1.71 which I am hoping was released to fix this.