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Atmosphere - End of an Era

Atmosphere events have always held more value to me than your standard rave event. It was due to Atmosphere that I met the love of my life, on the bus to their 1st May 2009 event. Since then, I have done my best to get to every event they hold down at The Grove Niteclub, Seaton, Devon.

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Atmosphere: The End of an Era is their 10th Birthday event, and will be the last event Atmosphere hold at The Grove. And boy are they going out with a bang! Look at the line up for just £10 (£15 on the door). Yeah, you did read right. Feel free to check it out again and make sure you're not seeing things.

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Full Review

What a night! I arrived at the club at around 9PM and was greeted with a lengthy queue, always a great start when events have queues. However, as we were on the guest-list (that's how we roll) we managed to skip the waiting and get straight in.

The first set of the night was Hardgroover in the classics room and Wragg in the hard trance room. Both sets warmed us all up for what was bound to be an amazing night from start to finish.


I hung around in the hard trance room for ADM's set, and boy am I glad I did. Atmosphere's latest signing smashed it from start to finish, with some banging hard trance sounds.

I can't remember much about Chuck-E or Major Tom's set to be totally honest, was obviously a little too intoxicated. I do remember talking to ADM for a while after his set though.

Midnight saw the two international DJs playing in the two separate rooms: Uberdruck (Germany) in the classics room and Jim Justice (Holland) in the hard trance room. Having listened to the Atmoscast with a guest-mix from Jim Justice, I knew what to expect so stayed in the hard trance room. For a first UK appearance, he sure looked like he felt at home.

After that, I'm pretty stumped. I was wandering from room to room trying to make the most of the last Atmosphere party at The Grove. I remember Louk playing some great tunes, and Mark EG was... well, Mark EG!

All in all, it was a great way for everyone to have one last stomp at the Grove with the sounds we all love and remember from back in the day and some more up-to-date bangers. It's sad to finally say there won't be another Atmosphere party at the Grove, but that's all it will be. There is no doubt in my mind that Atmpshere will find a new home, and we will once again be able to party hard.

I really hope that a CD Pack from this event is released online on the Atmosphere website, I for one wold buy that as soon as it's released!

A huge 8 disc CD pack has been released for this event. I ordered mine the day they were released and have enjoyed re-living every set over and over. Order online now, for £15 (plus £2.50 postage) directly from Atmosphere, here!