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As regular readers will know, I own a PlayStation 4 and with it I have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Last month, Sony released a horror game for us PS4 owners that has caused insomnia for a lot of gamers.


I'm not a fan of horror movies, but can cope with most situations where things get a bit jumpy. That being said, with Outlast I have had to whip my stereo headset off and stop playing on more than one occasion.

I had heard good things about the actual gameplay, but not so good about how scary/jumpy it gets in places. In the very first part of the game, you drive up to a deserted mansion and have to break in. As soon as you're in, the power cuts out. It was at this stage a few gamers I spoke to turned off and never played again.

I personally got past that bit, however it wasn't too far in where I had to nearly thrown down my headset and go to the toilet!

As missions and objectives come up as you play the game, you get your hopes up as they will always lead you to believe you will be out of this hell hole in no time. Unfortunately, there is no such luck as one thing leads to another and you’re on a mission to stay alive until you can figure out how to escape.

Although the game is quite jumpy and scary, it keeps drawing my back to continue playing. It is a game that I want to complete and maybe never play it again (we'll see).

I finished the game in quite a short amount of time, and would guess that I got around 6 hours gameplay out of it. That being said, I died on a pretty regular basis and ended up replaying bits where I had lost progress due to death.

Near the end of the game, I felt as though I had done a few things a lot of times. Finging keys, for example, seems to crop up a few too many times for my liking.

I would strongly advise you do not play in the dark, you do not wear a headset and make sure you don't need the toilet whilst playing as accidents do happen.

Slight spoiler alert below!

The ending was not what I expected, and was (in my opinion) a bit of a let down. I am looking forward to the Whistleblower DLC that is coming soon though, and will no doubt give that a blast.