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iPhone Time Issues

Whilst I didn't intend to blog about this, I thought I may as well. If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I have been having some problems with my latest iPhoen 5 handset. I say latest as I'm on my fourth iPhone 5 due to numerous technical faults.

Apples iPhone 5 handset

The problem I have been having lately is simply the handset not being able to count seconds very well at all. Both on automatic and manual time.

A clock, not something very technical, but something we use on our phones more than we actually realise. Not only that, but there are a few core functions of your handset that need to correct date and time to function. So far I have gone down a few routes to get this problem fixed.

First I tried popping to my local Apple Store, where I was told it would be a software issue and to restore the phone to factory settings and install a fresh copy of the latest iOS, not resotring from a backup. I tried this, and still had the issue. Failing that, it would be £209 to replace the handset as it was out of warranty.

Next I tried to see if Vodafone to see what they could suggest. The phone was away for a week and I got a call to say it would be £190 to repair.

I am currently speaking to an Apple Technical Advisor to hopefully get the problem resolved. We have made some progress and the time is definately not as bad as it was, however it is still not able to hold the time for long. The longest I have had so far (since I first noticed the problem) was 4 days (impresseve, huh?).


On December 11th, I was sent a replacement iPhone 5 which has since been absolutely fine. We still never got to the bottom of what was causing the time to be all over the place, but hopefully the engineers will have a look over the handset and find what the fault was.