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CoD: Ghosts on PS4

So the latest CoD game launched today, titled 'Ghosts' and I was lucky enough to grab a copy on the upcoming PS4 platform. Having sold my PS3 some weeks ago, I thought now was a good time to start building a game collection.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Now while I cannot physically play the game yet, I can admire the case and tease myself that I will be able to play CoD: Ghost on November 29th. But one thing has caught my eye.

Whilst I was looking at the back of the case, I noticed that the game will take up a whopping 49GB on my PS4 HDD. Now we already know that PS4 is going to be shipped with a 500GB HDD, which can be upgraded for something bigger (as was the case with it's predecessor).

So, if all games follow this suit, I am only going to be able to install 10 or so games at a time. This is great for loading times, as I would hope this space would be the whole game, but think of how long this is going to take to install, especailly as it's not a SSD!!