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Apple's iPhone 5

I have been lucky enough to have gotten my hands on an iPhone 5 the day it got released. The very next day, the screen decided it was going to fail on me and so I couldn't experience the whole retina display functionality. That being said, my network provider did sort out the problem and have sent me a new handset (which I'm sure you'll know if you follow me on Twitter). Here is my review of the iPhone 5 so far.

iPhone 5

First things first, lets talk about the bigger screen size on the iPhone 5. It's a 4 inch screen which has a ratio of 16:9, which is the same as a widescreen. The width of the screen has not changed, but the height has. At first I didn't see the point in a larger screen, but looking back it makes perfect sense. The screen is just beautiful, and is just the right size. For the notification centre, it's a bit of a stretch compared to the previous models but it's doable.

Apple Maps is something that has seen major interest over the past few months. I was using the iOS 6 betas for a few months and have been using the Apple Maps for the duration and couldn't find any faults with them. As soon as iOS 6 was released last month, all hell broke loose. Sure, they aren't as good as Google Maps but hey, did they need to be? I have used the maps.app as a navigation device for a while and can't find many faults at all.

You may also of noticed that iOS 6 has added a Passbook to your iPhone. This is where you can store all of your tickets, store cards and much more. At the moment, not many companies are using Passbook but they will come in time. Passbook will also bring tickets to your lock screen based on time and/or location which is fantastic.

I have no doubt that the iPhone 5 will be the most successful iPhone yet, but if you have been following the news there have been many reports of WiFi issues and of course the previously mentioned maps issues. One thing Apple prides itself on, though, is the level of customer service and for that reason I am confident that Apple customers will continue to be happy with their new handset.