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HTID Summer Gathering - Raver Story

So many of you will know that back in May HTID announced that they were going to hold another weekender event but this time it will be their annual Summer Gathering rave, back down in Newquay where they held their first HTID Weekender earlier this year. I was in attendance on both the Saturday and Sunday and here is my take on the event.

HTID Summer Gathering Weekender

I arrived down at the holiday park on Saturday evening at around 9:30 and headed over to check in and get my wristband. Once that was all sorted I took a look around the campsite where the caravans and tents were and I have to say it looked nicely laid out.

As I headed into the main arenas for the nights musical madness, I could tell it was going to be one those events that everyone talks about for days/weeks/months/years to come. The first ever Summer Gathering Weekender! The Future Breed room for me was having it large from start to finish. Jonny G had the place rammed as did Fat Steve and Dave Castellano!

A set that I remember blowing my ears to bits on Saturday was the Gammer live stream set. Wow that guy can work a crowd from miles away and the way Whizzkid MC'd beautifully to his sounds too, it was just simply amazing and the first time it has ever been done. I'm looking forward to hearing this set on the MP3 pack once it has been released.

On the Sunday there were two sets that stood out for me in my memory and they were a 2001-2005 set and a 2005-Now set. Both sets showcased some amazing tunes from their respective eras, but there were quite a few tracks that were played that don't get enough credit anymore! It was great to hear some of those key sounds from back in the day, showcasing what UK Hardcore used to be about... huge vocals, euphoric riffs and bouncy baselines.

HTID have announced that they will return in March 2013 for their next weekender event, although they haven't announced the location I'd imagine it will be back down in Newquay but keep your eyes peeled over at htidweekender.com!