Customer Loyalty

I have been meaning to type up this post for a while and have finally got around to doing it. The clue is in the title really, and it's all about being a loyal customer to any given company. But the thing is, nowadays there is no real benefit left of being with the same company for longer than you have to be.

Customer Loyalty

For example, car insurance. If you insure you car with 'The Car Insurance Company' for a year and then find a quote cheaper than 'The Car Insurance Company' once it's due for renewal, 'The Car Insurance Company' will probably match the pice but they won't give you anything extra or discount it. The same can be said with mobile phone contracts, which is what trigger me to pull my finger out for this post.

I have been with Vodafone for around 4 years now with the same number and have had many pay as you go numbers with them in the past. My bill is always paid on time and sometimes I go over just to give them a bit of a brucey bonus.

Many of you know that last Friday pre-orders for Apples latest handset 'iPhone 5' opened and seeing as my contract had just expired I thought I'd see what deals I could get with Vodafone. When I first went to login to My Vodafone, I was greeted with the page below...

Vodafone Upgrade Login

There is one bullet point there that really annoys me 'Get the same choice of offers as our new customers' which bugs the hell out of me. Surely existing customers should get some sort of benefit than new customers? Yes, the plans are pretty decent but we just want something for being loyal!

Of course, I totally understand that in this economic time money is tight and customers will leave at the drop of a hat but having no incentive to stay is only going to promote that surely?