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It has to be said that there are loads of events coming up over the next couple of months, HTID have a couple of events planned - HTID 45 for MC Whizzkid & MC Storms Birthdays and also a NYE Event. Over at Slammin Vinyl you've got the Hardcore Heaven Awards and also their Hardcore Heaven NYE. Marc Smith's annual 'STOMP' event is also getting a line up sorted. For those London ravers there is also Hardcore Underground at the end of November to look forward to as well. So there is a lot to choose from for the raver.

A full event calendar

For me, this year, HTID have been working their socks off to bring you an amazing event each and every time. HTID In The Sun 2012 was the biggest ever and it showed in the crowd numbers and the presence over in Lloret de Mar. This weekend they keep things going with the Summer Gathering Weekender down in Newquay and I can't wait. The beach party unfortunately had to be cancelled which is a great shame but as always they have pulled through and thought of a way to keep all the ravers in high spirits. With a bit of luck HTID will announce more information on both HTID 45 and their NYE event at the Summer Gathering Weekender.

I can't really say much for Slammin Vinyl or Hardcore Heaven at the moment seeing as the last event of theirs that I went to was Westfest nearly a year ago. One thing I will say, however, is they seemed to have pulled their fingers out with the HH Awardsthis year. Slammin have taken it upon themselves the re-structure the whole voting system and you can now choose which categories you want to stay or not and also suggest new categories. I strongly suggest everyone to head over and vote on that poll as soon as possible and then await the voting when it opens on Friday. The event has also now moved to the O2 Academy in Birmingham which obviously is a more central location.

Alongside that I can't really say much about Marc Smith's STOMP as I have never been to one, as much as I would have loved to have gone last year the funds just weren't there after the christmas period. Again, keep an eye out for full details of this event as the line up is always second to none.


As Dan has pointed out, Hardcore Undergroundent coming up in November at Club Union in Vauxhall, London. The same goes for this event as the STOMP event, I have never been to a Hardcore Underground event so I can't really big them up but if you have been before then you'll know what to expect!

Just to end with, I will be publishing a full review of the HTID Weekender once I get back, but it will not include the Friday night or the Saturday afternoon main arena sets as I'm not getting there until the Saturday afternoon.