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I have been toying with the idea of having a featured artist each month who I will interview and catch up with, who will feature on the blog and stay there for the duration of the month. To kick things off I caught up with C-Kay who is a hot topic at the moment with a weekly show on Rough Tempo showcasing the very best in UK Hardcore.

How big a part of your life is music?
Music has always been a massive part of my life. I'm a fan of all music styles, Nirvana are my favourite band, but I listen to everything from pop music, hip hop and house, through to rock n roll and drum n bass.

What first opened your eyes to the rave scene? It was 1992 when I first became aware of the race scene. I went to the same school and lived in the same street as Keith Flint from The Prodigy, so when they first broke through into the mainstream, everyone was playing the 'Experience' album it was impossible to ignore. It wasn't until 96/97 that I became properly involved after hearing a Force & Styles mix, started going to raves, and hear I am now 14 years later.

C-Kay 1

Since then, have you seen many changed for the better and/or worse? I've seen a lot of changes, from iconic venues closing down, to changes in direction of the music. Whether things have changed for the better is all down to personal opinion. Musically I think things have evolved in a good way. In 99/00 when things were very stale, that was the worst period I've ever known. Then 01/02 things went boom again with the trance influence, and being a fan of trance I was instantly taken in by it. I admit this new era took me a good while to get my head around, I just couldn't take to this new dub-step influenced hardcore. Now I love it though, there's so much good and varied music around.

Venue wise, I think hardcore misses The Sanctuary. For me nothing has replaced it, and I doubt any venue will. I miss the warehouse atmospheres you had there and at Bagleys. I guess the closest thing is Bowlers, who have recently begun hosting raves again, but super clubs, as good as they are, just don't replace that vibe and atmosphere you got at those venues.

What has been your biggest booking to date? Moondance NYE 2007 at SE One. I was playing after Vibes & Livelee, and before Billy Bunter, artists I'd been raving and looked up to for 10 years before, so that was both quite nerve-racking and exciting. I actually managed to somehow completely cut the sound for about 3 minutes and had to wait for a sound engineer to come solve the problem, which was embarrassing haha

When was your first booking, where was it, was it monumental and how many people turned up to see you play? My first proper booking was at a club in Ipswich called Zinc (I think). I was booked to play hardcore in a hard house and trance room.
That was fun....

C-Kay 2

You recently got a residency on Rough Tempo, how did that come about? I actually had a residency on there a few years back, but for various reasons I decided I needed a complete break from the music and left on good terms. Then a few months back they had Sy & Storm on as guests, and I had a phone call inviting me down to the studio whilst they were on, and after the show I was asked if I'd like to go back on. I hadn't planned to, but listening to Sy and Storm, and being excited by what Breeze has been playing and releasing, I felt I had the buzz back that I used to have and started again. So basically, it's down to Sy, Storm and Breeze that I'm DJing again.

I've managed to book Breezey on for a guest show, and Sy and Storm are also back down there soon, and being the only hardcore DJ on there, it's fantastic that they're supporting the music.

Everyone that follows you on Twitter knows you can be quite opinionated when it comes to music, some could say it's passion, has it ever got in the way of your career in the music scene? I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, whether it be praise or criticism. However, I do not believe in slagging people off or abusing people.

I've always found artists are open to constructive criticism, and will even engage in conversation with you about it, as long as you go about it in the right way.

The ones who have been offended and no longer talk to me are the ones who feed off praise for their ego and aren't really worth worrying about.

What's next for C Kay as an artist? I very much doubt I will make any more music, that side of things brought me nothing but problems and made me resent people I used to respect.

I'm much happier now not chasing the dream, and just DJing for me. I've learnt who I can and can't trust. I won't be actively seeking DJ bookings, but if they should come my way, I'll take each one as they come.

C-Kay 3

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Colin for dropping by and chatting to me. If you'd like to be next months featured artist then get in touch!

Don't forget you can catch C-Kay live on Rough Tempo every Wednesday night from 5PM till 7PM, make sure you check it out.