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Facebook for iOS Update

Yesterday, Facebook released an update for their popular iOS app, the update has seriously improved the speed of the app which was the main problem users had been faced with. With this update comes Timeline on the iPad which I reported about back in May, although it didn't come as soon as I was hoping.

Facebook for iOS

Although the app looks pretty much identical, it has been built from the ground up. It is reported that a UI refresh will be done in a new app that is due out next year, but this version will keep users off their back for a while with a bit of luck.

It is also worth adding that Apple are integrating Facebook heavily into iOS 6 (much like Twitter is in iOS 5 at the moment), due out this fall, which could be a reason why Facebook have decided to update their app.

At first glance it looks the same, but under the hood it is a lot different!

The app adds almost instant photo loading and very fast load times for news feeds and timelines alike. In fact, it feels like a whole new application (which it is). I have seen it reviewed with the words 'same paint job, brand new engine' which it truly is!

There is a small issue that seems to be popping up for iPad users though, and no doubt Facebook will get a bug fix sorted for it as soon as possible. The issue lies with Facebook Pages not displaying properly and sometimes a blank page altogether. Personally, I haven't encountered this issue at all but I have seen it popping up on tech sites online so there is clearly an issue of some sort.