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SongPop Explosion

Many of you will remember the iOS game 'Draw Something' that was released earlier in the year and very quickly became one of the biggest games of the year for iOS devices and then got scooped up by Zynga. There seems to be another game that has launched on iOS, Android and Facebook that goes by the name of SongPop and it has exploded and became a huge hit as well.

SongPop Logo

Every time I load the game up, I seem to have more and more of my Facebook friends playing which can only mean this game is going the same was as Draw Something, but will it be as big a hit as the popular drawing game, and maybe even get picked up by Zynga too? Only time will tell, I'm guessing it will have a big impact on Facebook, but I'm not sure if it's the sort of game Zynga will want.

So what's the idea of the game? Well you hear a clip of music and have to guess either the artist or the song, out of a list of 4 answers. You take it in turns against your opponent to pick a playlist of tracks, and the songs will be from that playlist selection. You earn multipliers for correctly answering on the trot and also unlock more songs as you master each of the playlists.

Personally, I'm quite addicted to the game and it's also helped me find tracks that I have forgotten about, which is always a good thing! But there is one question on everyone's lips, will the game fizzle out like the Draw Something hit seems to have done? Well I hope not, but again only time will tell!!

You can download SongPop for your iOS or Android device or you can play on the Facebook website.