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AppleTV & Air Play

Since I first purchased my AppleTV a few months ago, I have mainly used it for watching Netflix which is great, but I don't really use it for anything else. There are so many things that you can watch/listen to it on though including iTunes Podcasts, iTunes Radio, iTunes Movie Rentals and much, much more. One feature I was looking forward to using was AirPlay from my iPad and iPhone and now (thanks to Mountain Lion) my Mac.


I did use the AirPlay feature as soon as I setup the AppleTV and didn't think it worked that great. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it was very jittery as if it was buffering/loading all the time. I haven't looked into solving the problem too much as I don't really use AirPlay that much.

AirPlay has now come to the Mac OS X with the Mountain Lion update that was released to the public last week. I'm still yet to try using AirPlay from my Mac but will no doubt give it a go over the coming weeks when I need a bigger monitor for something.

Many critiques are currently saying that AppleTV is one of Apples biggest products, what with the addition of Hulu Plus in the US and Now TV over here in the UK. I don't see it myself, it wasn't what I was expecting when I purchased it but yet I still do love it.