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HTID In The Sun 2012 MP3 Pack

Every year I buy the HTID In The Sun CD Packs, and for the second year running HTID have sold them as MP3 packs on DVDs meaning you get all of the main room sets as well as a select few of the excursion sets as well, and for a stonking price of only £29.99 this year so it's a no-brainer!

HTID In The Sun MP3 Pack

I must own up and say I haven't really listened to too much of it yet as there are 59 sets on there in total which amounts to 2.5 days worth (according to iTunes). For under £30, that's just over 50p a set which is amazing value for money! It's also a great thing to have to be able to recall the memories of a weeks raving over in Lloret de Mar.

Last year when I got the MP3 Pack I noticed that there was no order to the sets, which bugged me as it's always nice to be able to listen to the pack in the order that the event went. This year, the sets are all in folders for each day and then there are three more folders (Yacht Parties, Foam Parties and the Water Park Party) which means it's easier to work out.

I remember seeing Scott Brown playing on the final night and speaking to him after his set to find out if it was going to be on the CD Pack to which he simply replied to as 'No I'm afraid not' so I wasn't expecting it to be on the MP3 Pack either but it is, which is great as it was one of the best sets of the whole week for me.

You can buy the MP3 Pack and/or two CD Packs from HTID In The Sun 2012 right now, direct from the CD Pack Superstore. Just click here.