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New 'In The Sun' Format

A few days ago Old Skool In The Sun was cancelled for reasons outside of their control. I was keen to go along with a few other people I know through the rave community, and this opened my eyes a little bit. This is the first time, as far as I'm aware, that a 'In The Sun' event has been cancelled.

Old Skool In The Sun

Currently there is HTID In The Sun (6 years gone and a 7th in planning) and Innovation In The Sun (7 years gone and as far as I'm aware, planning an 8th). So as you can see by those numbers, both events seem to be doing something right out there.

There is one mould that Old Skool In The Sun broke, and that was the month of the year the event was going to be held, it was going to hit Lloret de Mar in September, where as in the past both HTID and Innovation have hit for a high season, June/July months.

Now here's a concept I have been thinking about since I learnt of the event. Why not run them all through the June/July season, and have the Old Skool event in between the HTID and Innovation parties? Below is a further demonstration of this.

Friday Night through Thursday Night ~ HTID
Friday Night through Sunday Night ~ Old Skool
Monday Night through Sunday Night ~ Innovation

There could even be a night empty night between each event, but I think there are a lot of HTID and Innovation ravers who love their old skool, especially as it all really came from that sound. HTID and Innovation could also swap to being the other way round, it doesn't matter.


Hixxy has been planning next years event for some time now, and stage one is complete. We all know it's going to be the best one yet, as it just gets better year on year.


Support from the medical team!


One of the main guys behind the HTID In The Sun event is going to see what can be done.