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HTID In The Sun 2012 - Raver Story

Okay so as you will probably be aware if you've been looking through my Instagram photos or my Twitter feed on the site, or if you know me, I went to HTID In The Sun last week and I have to say, HTID sure have the event down to a fine art! The entire time I was over in Lloret de Mar was amazing! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to post about specific sets other than the ones that really stood out for me, but as soon as I start listening back to the CD Pack(s) I'm sure more memories will come flooding back to me!

HTID In The Sun 2012: Viva la HTID

So it was an amazing week of raving over in the very sunny, very hot Spain. Below are my highlights and as I have said above, I will probably remember more once I listen back to the CD Pack from the event!

Checking In

So I arrived in Spain with Kayleigh on the Monday and the event starts on Tuesday night, the check in to the event opens at 13:00 on the Tuesday so you can collect your event wristband along with any tickets to the water-park party or any of the Yacht Parties. We arrived at Club Colossos at around 13:00 and there was already a fair amount of people there ready to check in. By about 14:00 we were both sorted and had our wristband and yacht party tickets. We proceeded to look through the merchandise stall to pick up our In The Sun shirts as we do every year and noticed that the lanyards were free with the purchase of a shirt, ideal!

After we get back to the apartment we receive a text from HTID letting us know that the room two will no longer be upstairs, but it will instead have its own dedicated venue right next door to Colossos! This was great news for all the gabba and techno heads who were in Lloret, more room!!


So after looking through the line-ups for each night we notice straight away that something is missing from the lanyards... the set times! We arrive at the club at around 22:10 and wonder if set times would be posted up on flyers through the venue but realise there are none to be seen. We ask Mark Lambert if they will be published to which he informs us that they won't. It's no biggie, but it would be nice to have them up. There was one set that really stood out for me on Tuesday, and that was Stylus & AudioJunkie with MC B & MC Skatty. A true Broken Records UK showcase, and it was simply amazing! Still, Tuesday is a great night, but when the kick-off set finishes I do wonder why no pyrotechnics have been used (similar to 2011).


It's the first themed night of the week 'School Daze' and I decided not to participate, I was going to but decided against it in the end, it was simply too hot over in Lloret and inside the club it was even hotter! As with the previous night, we arrived down there pretty early to catch DJ Fat Steve & Dave Castellano alongside the MC Mayhem. I would have thought it would have been Devastate MCing for them, seeing as they make up the Rusty Records Crew but I remember reading that Devastate has decided to hang up his mic. This was the set of the night for me, classic tunes mixed with a few brand new tunes, it was simply awesome!


If I'm going to be totally honest with you, I'm not a big fan of Darren Styles new stuff but knew that Darren Styles night was going to be awesome, and I wasn't disappointed at all! Pinnical & Solution were on warm-up duties before we have the main man himself to take us right through until 4 o'clock in the morning! We stayed pretty much all night, except for going back to the Apartment for some drinks during the Styles & Breeze 'History Of' set. This whole night was amazing from start to finish, we met Darren Styles after his mammoth set for a chat and he was really pleased with how it went and how the ravers stayed from start to finish. Really looking forward to hearing this night back on the CD Pack!!


Well unfortunately I can't say we went to the club on Friday. This was the day of the water-park party, again we didn't go so we had a pretty lazy and very non-hardcore day. Later on in the week I was told that all of the Canadians smashed the pants off it and had it very large indeed! If the sets from the Canadian night aren't released then I'm going to be really gutted about missing it, fingers crossed HTID release them all on a DVD MP3 pack as they have been doing with all of their events lately.


After meeting up with DJ Sc@r on Friday for some cocktails, I was really looking forward to hearing the tunes she'd been working on lately, plus she was on with the Hardcore Heaven Breakthrough MC 2011 winner, MC Skatty who I am a massive fan of! Their set was by far the best set of the week so far, the two work so well together! Miss Special K played a blinder of a set as well with MC 3Man on vocal duties.


Where's Wally night, you can't help but wear something red and white striped so I donned my stripy shirt and headed for the club. DJ C & MC Reconize were on warm-up duties and I can only describe this set by using the word awesome. The first time the two of them have had a main stage booking and not been back-to-back with someone, so it was really great to see them both solo! They sure know how to get the dancefloor rocking!! Marc Smith and MC Wotsee then continued to smash the whole venue in the only way they know how, the tunes turned that little bit filthy but we all loved it! The third set of the night came from none other than DJ Sy b2b Ramos with MCs Skatty & Mayhem, I have to say we didn't stay for the whole set as we wanted to be rested for the final night of madness!


Here it is, the final night of raving in Lloret de Mar and it has simply flown by. It seems like just yesterday that we got here and tonight's the last night. Kicking it all of is Bubble & Jay Disturbance and they simply show us what's in store for the rest of the night, a wicked warmup set! Next up is Lethal Theory bad boy Alex Prospect with MC Mayhem, it seems Prospect played a lot of new productions during his set. But then came a first for HTID In The Sun, old skool legend Vibes was here to take everyone back in time, and what a set it was! MC Reconize was on mic duties and it was a great combination, obviously it wasn't ideal to have Vibes without Livelee but what can you do?! Fracus was next up, without Darwin due to family reasons if I remember correctly, to showcase and represent Hardcore Underground and with MC Skatty on mic duties it was an awesome set. Scott Brown stepped up for a Evolution Records showcase, and proved why HTID should have booked him last year but that's not something I'm going to go into now, Wotsee was the MC of choice (as he usually is) and in true Welsh fasion he smashed the whole set from start to finish!! Then it was Gammers turn, mixing up all his favourite tunes with the Whizzkid on the mic (which didn't last long). Unfortunately Whizzkid had pretty much no voice after suffering from the Flu and smashing all his previous sets. MC Enemy took hold of the mic pretty swiftly and you could tell Whizzkid was gutted to not be able to MC. He later added that he almost cried. The final set of the night was from the two scratch masters Sy & MC Storm who totally smashed the last hour!

A special thanks goes out to Steve and Hixxy for putting on yet another awesome event, and the reason I'd like to thank these two people especially is because they weren't able to make the event due to health issues. The amount of work these two guys alone (along with all the other HTID staff, don't get me wrong) is amazing and for them to put all the work in and not be able to see the outcome is a real shame.

What usually happens at the end of the last set each year is Hixxy jumps on stage and gives a rather long speech to thank everyone involved and let us know if they'll be back next year, but as Hixxy wasn't there, Storm did the job. It wasn't as long as Hixxy's but everyone got thanked and we were informed that HTID would be back in 2013 for another week of hardcore madness.

So, start saving now and look out for details of the event on all the usual sites. I will obviously keep you all posted here and as soon as anything is announced I will post an update for it.