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Thorpe Park Visit

So last month a few friends and I paid a visit to Thorpe Park for a couple of days. I haven't been to Thorpe Park since 2005, and there were quite a few new coasters I wanted to check out. We set off at around 8AM on the Tuesday and arrived at the park at about half ten, to find ourselves faced with quite a small queue. I wasn't too fussed about any queues in all fairness as the school holidays had just been so in theory it shouldn't be too busy.

The Thorpe Park logo

We made our way through the turnstiles and security flagged me down for a search! I'd like to point out that this is Thorpe Park, and they have fully operational airport style scanners. I was told to write down my name and give a signature which I did but there were already around 40 names on this list just from today, and in front of me were about ten people. Twenty minutes later I was through the search and reunited with my mates who suggested we head straight to The Swarm as it had only just been built, and opened in April 2012 to the public.

As we approached the area where The Swarm is, we heard an announcement to say they were having some technical difficulties so we made a decision to head over to Nemesis Inferno and come back to it later. As we got to the top of the queue, we had a great view of The Swarm and could clearly see that it was back running again.

A view of Nemesis Inferno from the queue line

I had been on Nemesis Inferno in the past, so knew what I was letting myself in for and what to expect with the ride. We queued a little longer for front row seats (as we did with pretty much all the rides on both days).

The Swarm

We headed straight back to The Swarm to check out what all the fuss was about, and as mentioned above we queued for the front row seats which we were glad we did. The incline for the ride is pretty swift, and no sooner do you leave do you get to the top. You then twist 180 degrees anti-clockwise and are upside down, and then swoop straight into the first drop. The harness system for the ride is very much like a self-locking seat belt, which is great because you feel very secure. The whole ride experience is great, the loading bay for The Swarm has no top on it so it's open the all weather conditions, and you also fly over as part of the ride.

The Swarm

Saw - The Ride

Saw was another ride that I had never been on until this visit, and it's also the first ever ride in the UK that has really surprised me in a good way, there are a few bits of the ride that I didn't see coming and wasn't expecting, and it's nice to experience something out of shock! After walking through the queue line (and not queuing) it was good to see all of the props from the movies (which I have never seen) but I was looking forward to getting straight on the ride. After sitting in and having the harnesses pushed firmly against me, I knew there was no going back. I was excited, I never get excited on rides! And we're off, we head round to the right and there was the surprise (sorry, no spoilers here!) and we were out in the open, the big 90 degree incline ahead and up we go, just as fast as we're up, we're back down and now running full speed around the track! What a ride it is.

The big drop on Saw


The final experience I hadn't been on prior to this visit, and it's over as soon as it begins, it's just a pure speed rush going from 0-80MPH in just over 2 seconds, yes it really is that fast! You shoot out of the station, straight up and over the top and then back down. There is a small 'hump' in the track just before you get back and away you go!

Stealth at its peak

We all had a really good time at Thorpe Park and will no doubt be back in a few years time for some more adrenaline seeking, and fingers crossed they'll have more new rides. We ended up going on every ride at least 5 times whilst we were there on the first day, and on Wednesday we got the photos from the rides and I also took some of my own photos whilst I was there. The weather wasn't sunny but it wasn't full on raining the whole time. There were heavy showers for a few hours but all the rides were running the whole time we were there (other than technical faults).

Next stop, Alton Towers!