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Hardcore Heaven Summer Session 2012

Okay so yesterday saw HTID announce their second weekender event of this year, turning the Summer Gathering event into a whole weekend of pure carnage and today Hardcore Heaven have announced the line up for the Summer Session 2012 event. Every year Slammin Vinyl hold an event around July and this year is no exception.  Something that is new for this years instalment is the venue. A favourite with both ravers and promoters, the underground Motion complex in Bristol is the perfect place to hold a rave.

The flyer for Summer Session 2012 taken from the Slammin Vinyl website

So what have Hardcore Heaven got in mind for this event? Well there's one set (to me) that really stands out as something I have never seen advertised before, and that is a Joey Riot & Enemy (Pass The Baton Set) which could mean anything. After a little thought, I think what it means is them swapping roles during the set. Maybe 15 minutes of Joey DJing and Enemy MCing and then 15 minutes of Enemy DJing and Joey MCing and so on. We all know Joey has a passion for being on the stage with a microphone as well as being behind the decks. But as always, no-one is giving anything away.

Another pair who I haven't seen on a main room line up is DJ C & MC Reconize. That being said, I do remember Reconize hosting the last hour in the Hardcore Heaven area at Westfest last year with hardcore legend Marc Smith on the ones and twos, which was probably his biggest set to date. Both DJ C & MC Reconize host the Feel The Rush show on Krafty Radio every Monday from 8-9PM. As for DJ C, he was a joint winner of the HTID In The Sun 2011 DJ Competition alongside Fat Steve & Dave Castellano.

Just a bit of pricing information for you all. As you will notice on the flyer you can pick up tickets for as little as £12.00 direct from the Slammin Vinyl website. There are two slightly hidden charges you have to look out for per ticket (not per booking) and they are a £2.50 booking fee an a £1.00 admin fee. They are both mentioned together underneath the price of the ticket as a £3.50 booking fee. So realistically speaking, each ticket is going to set you back £15.50. A VIP ticket is advertised on the site for £23.50 plus a £1.00 booking fee.

Where? Motion Complex, Bristol
When? Saturday, July 14th 2012 from 9PM - 6AM
Tickets? £24.50 for VIP and from £15.50 for standard - Slammin Vinyl

For the full lineup, venue address and to tell everyone you're going, head over to the event page on Facebook!