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Kutski Goes To Number 1

Lately this blog seems to be the comings and goings of the legend that is Kutski, but it just so happens that this man is hot property right now in the rave scene! Here I have more news for you regarding the weekly podcast that I reported recently. The idea of this weekly podcast on iTunes is to make-up for the lack of BBC Radio 1 airtime Kutski is getting now (from every week or one in three).

Kutski Presents: Keeping The Rave Alive

Today finally saw the release of the podcast, which has been appropriately named 'Keeping The Rave Alive' which was one of the shows main jingles. For full details on how to subscribe or download the latest episode or to have a look at the phat track listing, then head over to keepingtheravealive.com.

There has been chaos on Twitter over the release of the podcast, everyone seems to be glad to have their weekly fix back of hard dance and hardcore. If you want to join in with the conversation on Twitter, just use the hashtag #KTRA.

A screen shot of the iTunes store where Kutski has shot to number one in a matter of hours.

Hopefully the BBC will sit up and take note of the amount of fans the hard dance and hardcore scene has and how we all stick together and follow the scene through thick and thins. Wether it means Kutski will get a weekly slot, well only time will tell on that one but we can all cross our fingers, right?!