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Hard Beats Download

So I first found out about this via Twitter and didn't know wether to believe it or not, this was until I received an email from Alex over at Hard Beats Download, at which time I went straight over to the site to check the latest news and it was confirmed.

Hard Beats Download

Hard Beats Download started life back in the late 90's as the NuEnergy.co.uk Store and has been going strong ever since, but it seems this is now the end of the road. HBD has always been somewhere where I go when I'm looking for new tunes as many of the labels on there only sell through that one site, and it's also nice that they offer printed CD singles as well as instant digital downloads so you actually get something to show for your money.

Having been in talks with HBD over the past few months about getting the Active Energy Records label on there selling both digital and printed CD versions of our tracks, I knew that they were having problems behind the scenes with the development of their new site and being able to sell WAVs as well as 320kbps MP3s.

I'm not going to go into too much detail but basically since Summer 2010 they started to announce that they were going to move into WAV sales as well as 320kbps MP3s, every deadline they got from the development team seemed to be moved further back and further back. The main advantages of the new system would be a cleaner admin back-end for label owners and also the ability to sell WAVs as well as MP3s.

It's a real shame for me personally to never get any sales through the HBD platform. I was really looking forward to selling CD singles through the website rather than just MP3s which is pretty much just buying air. No doubt another site will come along in due course and try to take on the role of Hard Beats but they must understand that they have very big boots to fill if they try!

Both Kevin & Alex would like you to celebrate what HBD have achieved in their 16 years of being at the forefront of the freeform movement, and would like you to head over to the site and pick up some bargains. You can also read the official statement from them here pease take the time to read it!