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Kutski's New Radio 1 Slot

So the hard dance saviour of Radio 1, Kutski, starts his new scheduled slot tomorrow night at midnight. We're used to hearing those hard dance and hardcore sounds every Friday night from 1AM but since the dance shake up for BBC Radio 1 late last year, this is the date we've all been dreading. Now we're only going to have hard dance and hardcore on Radio 1 once every three weeks and on a Thursday night from midnight instead of every Friday night from 1AM.

Kutski - The Residency

Kutski has been seen tweeting that the 'new time slot will give everyone an extended weekend,' and with many raves being held on Friday and Saturday nights it means more people can have a proper warm up to their weekend!

I for one will be tuned in tomorrow night to mark the special occasion, and Kutski has said he will be running a weekly podcast of some sort to keep those ears entertained, all you got to do is schedule it to be played every Friday night at 1AM!