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Another Nail in The Rave Scene Coffin?

What was set to be the biggest underground dance music event this Easter holiday, 'The Easter Spectacular,' has now been cancelled by the promoter Slammin Vinyl due to lack of ticket sales. Could this be another nail in the coffin for the rave scene?

Easter Spectacular

From the post on their Facebook page, it looks like it wasn't an easy decision to make but the funds just weren't there for them to be able to put the event on, and they couldn't stomach botching the event and leaving the raving crew feeling short changed.

So what does this mean the the underground dance scene as a whole? Well nothing more than another event being cancelled at last minute when you look at it at first glance, but then when you dive into it a bit deeper is this going to affect the whole community?

Of course, there will be a fair amount of local events that you could go to over the Easter bank holiday, but none were going to be as big as The Easter Spectacular, and the main reason for this is Slammin Vinyl go all out when it comes to their events. The production, audio and visuals are all stunning and breath taking.

So what do you do now for the Easter weekend? Well Slammin Vinyl are still going ahead with their Hardcore Heaven event down in Bournemouth if you can get there, Bionic are over in Wales if that's a bit more your thing so there are events, but it just means you have to be on your toes and get organised for them.