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Diamond Dash for iOS

For a while I have been trying to earn the Well Played achievement for Diamond Dash on my iPad and a few weeks ago a friend of mine had earned it so I asked what the description of it was. He told me exactly what to do to get it and it was as simple as scoring less than 1,000 points in a single game.

This is actually quite hard if, like me, you can't sit with idle fingers for a whole minute. Sure enough, I got the 10 points that come with it and below is a shot of it too so you can see for yourself what you need to do.

Well Played

I did try looking online for a description of the achievement with no luck what so ever which lead me to write up my own post for it. It's very cheeky of Wooga to make a 'Well Played' goal when you have to actually be so bad at the game to get it without knowing what to do.

An update - 14 OCt 2013

I just wanted to keep everyone that commented on the post on the old blog that I have been waiting for a reply from Wooga regarding the updated version of the app. They are yet to get back to me, and as soon as they do I will update this post accordingly.