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Hardcore Heaven Awards Voting

So the time has come for the votes to be cast in the Hardcore Heaven Awards 2011, and this year the competition in every category seems to be pretty tough and I think it's going to be hard for some people to pick a winner on a few of the categories. That said, I cast my votes as soon as the page was up on the Slammin Vinyl Facebook page and so now I will have to wait for the results.

This year things have changed a bit, the results will not be announced at Westfest on 29th October but instead they have their own event at the Motion Complex in Bristol on December 2nd, which can be a good and a bad thing. Personally, I think it's because the Hardcore Heaven Weekender usually gets the 'Event of the Year' but as we all know, it was cancelled this year so I am predicting that the Event of the Year will go to Westfest.

Something that I want to point out and was my whole point on writing this post was that I thought it was a bit stupid of Slammin Vinyl to not include Facebook in the 'Best Magazine / Social Networking Site' and then say that

Facebook has not been included as it is not a 'scene' site

The reason this is a bit stupid from where I'm sat is because the ONLY way you can vote on the awards is if you are logged into Facebook and you go to the Hardcore Heaven Awards tab on the Slammin Vinyl page. If Facebook is not a 'scene' site, then why have you put the voting system on there in the first place?!

If my memory serves me right, last year Facebook won that award and rightly so as most if not all ravers will find events from Facebook. A few years ago we were all on Don't Stay In but then it was bought by a new company and then went shit really. It only seemed right to get everything on Facebook and then it would be so much easier to keep track of everything.

Sure, in a few years time, we may all move on to a brand new site but for the time being Facebook is a big social networking tool that (if used in the right ways) can create such a big focus on events and the scene as a whole (and other scenes as well, not just hardcore).